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Cone Calorimeter
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Cone Calorimeter

Cone Calorimeter

cone calorimeter comply with current domestic and foreign test standards such as ISO 5660-1:2002 and ASTM E1354.

Product Number:ZY6243-I-PC
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1. Overview:

1.1 This Cone Calorimeter is designed on the basis of the oxygen consumption calculated from the oxygen concentration in the burning product gas stream and the heat release rate during burning of the products. The heat release rate of the material is also the most important parameter in the burning performance of the material. The device can accurately measure the heat release rate during the burning process of the material. It has a beautiful appearance, convenient and accurate testing, and is extremely important for predicting fire hazards and its flame retardant prevention and treatment.

2. Compliant standards:

2.1 Comply with GB/T16172-2007 "Test Method for Heat Release Rate of Building Materials".

2.2 Comply with current domestic and foreign test standards such as ISO 5660-1:2002 and ASTM E1354.

3. The main technical parameters

3.1 Radiation cone power: rated power 5000W. It can provide radiation intensity up to 100kw/㎡ on the sample surface, equipped with three thermocouples to measure temperature.

3.1.1 Radiation cone structure: The electric heating tube is tightly wound into a truncated cone shape and assembled in a double-layer heat-resistant conical sleeve. The inner and outer cone shells are filled with heat-resistant fibers with a nominal thickness of 13mm and a nominal density of 100kg/m³. The radiation intensity is uniform and corresponds to the radiation at the center, and the deviation does not exceed ±2%; the incident heat flow intensity of the conical heater can be selected according to different test requirements.

3.2 Sample mounting frame: It is a square open plate, the upper opening is: (106±1)mm×(106±1)mm, the depth is (25±1)mm, and the thickness of the mounting frame is 50 (2.4±0.15)mm stainless steel plate. It includes a handle for easy insertion and removal, and a mechanism to ensure that the center of the specimen is below the heater and accurately centered with the weighing device. A layer of low-density (nominal thickness 65kg/m3) heat-resistant fiber mat with a thickness of 13mm is placed at the bottom of the mounting frame; the distance between the lower surface of the radiation cone and the top of the sample is adjusted to (25±1) mm, for unstable size material, the distance from the lower surface of the radiation cone is (60 ± 1) mm.

3.3 Positioning frame: a square box made of stainless steel with a thickness of (1.9±0.1)mm, the inner dimension of the square box is (111±1)mm, and the height is (54±1)mm; it is used for the opening of the sample surface is (94.0±0.5)mm×(94.0±0.5)mm.

Control system:

Computer control interface method: use computer+professional software control, guide operation, and the operation is convenient and safe. All complex programs and operations have integrated computers. The response speed is very fast, the operation is convenient, and the humanized interface is easy to operate.

Software uses the dedicated development software Labeview and data collection control cards; the test data can be viewed in real time during the control test, which can achieve automatic data calculation, collection and processing, data storage and output experiment reports and measurement results. It has the characteristics of high intelligence and guidance menu, which is simple and intuitive, making the test results more accurate.

The pre-standard and work calibration procedure of the built-in equipment can be convenient and accurately carried out. The temperature of the cone under different radiation illumination, the zero -point correction of the light path, the accuracy of each sensor accuracy of the analyzer;

Each sensor calibration mode can be set, including oxygen analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, micro-pressure difference sensor, smoke density measurement system, weighing device, single or double point calibration of quality flow control to obtain the best linear;

C parameter calibration: The two-calibration C coefficient deviation does not exceed 5%, and the device runs stable after the calibration, which ensures the true and reliable measurement results.

State check interface, you can obtain the working status of each sensor component of the instrument at a glance; it can record the working value of each sensor, including micro-pressure difference sensor, chimney temperature, oxygen analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer; Excell format can display graphics and numerical modes.

Conevant heat meter can directly measure the material attributes include thermal release rate, fire time, burning point heat, quality loss rate, flue gas release rate, effective calories of combustion, toxic gas release rate, CO2, CO generation, etc.; Test data, etc. The output can be preserved and printed; it has powerful functions, especially the multi-curve contrast, which can intuitively compare the burning characteristics of the material.

Collection system can collect records of oxygen concentration, temperature, thermal release rate, pore board flowmeter, thermocouple, hot-camouflage gas flow rate, sample ignition time and extinguishing time, total oxygen consumption, quality loss rate, total heat release total amount , Carbon dioxide production and carbon monoxide generating curve, curve and real-time data of all processes. You can save printing.

ignition system: high-pressure spark generator with a safe cutting device, high-pressure automatic ignition, automatic positioning, the sample is ignited by the igniter on the combustion platform, the ignition speed is fast, which can ensure the accuracy of the test results.

cone calorimeter test

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