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Fire-fighting equipment refers to fire-fighting water equipment used in public places to extinguish fires and prevent disasters. Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing agents, emergency lights and other fire extinguishing products. The product quality of this fire fighting equipment is related to fire extinguishing timeliness and safety. We specialize in the research and development of a full set of Fire Equipment Testing Equipment, which are widely used in production plants, quality inspection institutes, laboratories, etc.
Fire Hose Reel Anti-Load Testing Apparatus

Load performance test of fire hose reel: fasten the fire hose reel on the impact test frame, the hose reel is in a horizontal position, and use a thin wire rope to hang a weight of 80kg on the wheel of the outer disk wheel. On the edge, after 72 hours of static, do the impact test again to see if it meets the test requirements.

Sprinklers Flow Coefficient Measuring Apparatus

Applicable to sprinkler flow coefficient measurement.This equipment only provides sprinkler test device with nominal flow coefficient less than or equal to 115 as standard;

Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus

This Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus Comply with DIN 14521-1987 standards,It is suitable for water pressure sealing test and strength test of sprinkler test.

Fire Emergency Lighting & Evacuation Indication System Testing Apparatus

It is suitable for fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems installed in general industrial and civil buildings, as well as system lights with special performance installed in other environments.

Hydraulic Performance Testing Apparatus for Fire Coupling and Water Gun

It is suitable for fire coupling, fire water gun sealing performance and water pressure strength test.

Wear Resistance Testing Machine For Fire Hose

This Abrasion Resistance Test Machine It is suitable for wear resistance test of lined fire hose, fire wet hose, etc.;

Material Smoke Toxicity Test Equipment

This Material Smoke Toxicity Hazard Classification Tester Comply with DIN 14521-1987、ISO19700-2006 standards,It is suitable for the test equipment for the grading of smoke toxicity hazard for materials that produce smoke stably.

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus with BS EN 50305,EN 45545,DIN 14521 standards, It is suitable for non-metallic material toxicity index test of halogen-free, low-smoke, and low-toxicity wires, cables or optical cables.

Fire Hose Hot Air Aging Test Apparatus

It is suitable for hot air aging tests for fire hose.Compliance with JB/T7444-1994 "Air Heating Test Box" standard.

Tensile Testing Machine Equipment

It can perform tests on national or international standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. It can test the physical properties of various materials, finished products and semi-finished products, and can choose various fixtures for tensile, compressive, tensile, compressive, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesion, shearing and other tests

Fire Extinguisher Vibration Impact Test Apparatus

This Vibration Impact Test Machine Compliant with ISO 7165:2009 standards,It is suitable for the vibration impact test of 1~12kg portable fire extinguishers.

Resistance To Corrosion Performance Test Apparatus

This Resistance To Corrosion Performance Test Apparatus Comply with IEC 60068-2-11:2021,ASTM G85-02,ISO 7165-2009 standards,Used in the internal and external corrosion test of 12kg fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishing Performance Test Equipment

Applicable to ISO 7165:1999 ,ISO 7165:2009,ISO 11601:1999,ISO 11601:2017 standard,for extinguishing Class A, B, and C fire performance test.

Vibration Test Equipment For Fire Extinguisher

Compliant with ISO 7165-2009 standards,This Vibration Test machine is suitable for vibration test of 1-8 kg portable and dry powder fire extinguishers. 

UV Aging Test Chamber

Comply with ISO 4892,The ultraviolet accelerated aging test chamber adopts imported UVA-340 fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source, which can simulate the hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew.

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