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What are the testing equipment?


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Testing Equipment is a general term in the industry. It includes all the instruments and machines for testing, quality inspection, experiments and tests in the entire industry. We collectively refer to it as testing equipment.

Each testing equipment in the testing scope has its testing scope, measurement object and standard presentation, and the equipment is selected according to the testing object required by each standard.

Before selecting the equipment, you must clearly understand the characteristics of the test object, such as household or commercial cables, and what tests are required to determine whether the cable is qualified or how it meets the national standards. First of all, you need to understand the composition, performance, purpose, etc. of this cable, and then you can basically judge the test to be done. The cable needs to be burned (detecting the duration of burning during a short circuit, as well as testing damage, damage, stretching and natural test, etc.) Of course these are just the author's many years of work experience.

Knowing the test object, how to choose the testing equipment we need? What equipment is used for testing? Below I will give you some categories for reference:

1. About the name of the building material testing equipment:

The scope of testing equipment in this block includes: building material single burning item test device, building material non-combustibility testing machine, building material flammability testing machine, building material flame retardant testing machine, digital oxygen index tester, building material decomposition smoke density testing apparatus, testing instrument for calorific value of burning of building materials and products, material smoke toxicity testing machine, Cone Calorimeter, radiant heat flux testing device for floor coverings/floorings, burning testing machine for fire retardant paint (large plate method, tunnel method, small chamber method) and foam or rigid form vertical and horizontal burning testing machine, etc.

2. About the name of the wire and Cable Testing Equipment:

Cables include: wire and cable integrity combustion tester, power cable busway flammability test furnace, power cable busway water and fire performance tester, wire and cable heat release tester, vertical shaft pipeline combustion tester, wire and cable and optical cable vertical burning and aversion release test chamber, single wire and cable vertical burning test machine, vertical + horizontal burning test machine, wire and cable smoke density test machine, bundled cable burning test machine, halogen acid gas release measurement device, electric leakage tracking testing machine, high voltage tracking testing machine, glow wire testing machine, needle flame testing machine and spark testing machine, etc.

3. About the name of the fire extinguisher detection equipment:

What about fire protection: fire extinguisher spray laboratory (overall laboratory), automatic sprinkler system training device, fire hydrant box stiffness test device, fire extinguisher shock test machine, fire extinguisher air tightness test box, fire extinguisher cylinder water pressure multi-purpose testing machine, fire hydrant muzzle hydraulic testing machine and fire hose testing machine.

4. About the name of the testing equipment for the refractory component library:

There have been many new products in fire resistance recently, such as: large fire-resistant vertical combustion furnace for fire exhaust fans and ventilation ducts, fire-resistant sealing material combustion performance test furnace, ventilation duct fire-resistant test furnace, fire valve fire-resistant test furnace, doors and shutters fire-resistant test furnace, horizontal furnace for fire resistance test of building components, vertical furnace for fire resistance test of building components and comprehensive furnace for fire resistance of building components, etc.

5. About the name of the furniture and home textile combustion detection equipment:

Upholstered furniture flame retardant performance testing machine, upholstered furniture burning test machine, bed carpet burning tester, carpet burning burning tester, fabric vertical multi-functional burning test, carpet burning tester (flooring textile burning test chamber), soft space spring mattress and sofa anti-ignition characteristic testing machine, toy comprehensive burning performance testing machine, textile flame retardant performance testing machine and fabric level burning tester, etc.

6. Name of testing equipment for vehicle and aviation fire retardant:

Automotive and aviation equipment includes: combustion testing equipment for automotive interior materials, burn-through resistance testing machine for thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, 45-degree combustion characteristic testing machine for automotive pipelines, (subway, high-speed rail) wind tunnel testing machine, aviation material combustion testing machine and flame spread tester.

7. About the name of the relevant national standard fire and flame retardant testing equipment:

Conventional test standard equipment includes: battery combustion tester, thermal insulation material maximum temperature tester, fireproof coating combustion tester, gypsum board fire stability combustion tester and many other instruments

8. About the name of the detection equipment for scientific research fire research test:

This is for the inspection engineering series: fire alarm linkage system training device, electrical fire simulation test, monitoring and teaching demonstration laboratory

9. About the equipment name of aging test and environmental testing test:

The equipment for environmental and aging tests include: air bomb/oxygen bomb aging tester, internal ozone aging test chamber, steam aging tester, ventilation aging tester, aging tester, etc.

Of course, these are not comprehensive enough. I also have blind spots or incomplete records. After all, the industry is too broad, but the nine categories of equipment to be detected by these targeted tests are almost collected here. Do you save a lot of time for choice? I hope it will be useful to you.

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