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What are the common detection equipment for wire and cable


What are the common detection equipment for wires and cables? Today, the editor of Dongguan Zonsky popularized the relevant information about the common Testing Equipment of wires and cables for everyone:

  1. Bridge: Use comparative methods to measure the instruments of various quantities (such as resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc.).

  2. Insulation resistance tester: It is commonly known as shaking watch. Most of the Zhao tables use hand -shaking generators to power, so it is also called shake watch. It is mainly used to check the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, household appliances or electrical lines to the ground and phase -to -phase insulation resistance to ensure that these equipment, electrical appliances and line work are working normally. It avoids accidents such as electric shock casualties and equipment damage!

  3. Rare machine: It is used to perform mechanical force intensity testing machines for static, stretching, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, and divestitating for wires and cables!

  4. Age box: used to test the oxygen aging performance of rubber and its products.

  5. Projector: The optical projector designed for the insulation of the wire and cable and the measurement of the thickness of the cover, is to use the projection method to projected the insulation of the cable or the section of the segments on the screen, observe and target it, and use it Micro measures for precision instruments with unpredictable length metering!

  6. Spark test machine: The online detection equipment placed on the wire closing part of the electric wire product when producing wires and cables. The main function is to use frequency voltage to detect whether the wire product has copper leakage, epidermal impurities, insulation and resistance. The spark test machine sets the voltage value to load it on the insulation line according to a certain regular period, and the conductor part is grounded. This forms a voltage difference on the conductor and insulation surface, so that there is a bad way to detect whether the insulation layer is not good, so that the wire and cable product can Qualified factory resistance testing machine: The resistance test of the power cable mainly used for polyethylene insulation can also be used for insulation resistance tests of large power transformers.

  7. The thickness instrument: is a meter used to measure the thickness of the material and objects.

The above 7 are commonly used wire and cable detection instruments. We all know that cable manufacturers must be equipped with wire and cable detection instruments. The editor of Dongguan Zonsky reminds the majority of cable manufacturers to guide the company's technicians or professional teams when purchasing the testing instrument. Dongguan Zonsky Instrument specializes in the production of cable detection equipment such as tensile machines and provides related technical and services. Everyone has any problems when buying. There are any problems to call Dongguan Zonsky instrument!

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