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The test equipment for flame-resistance and fire retardant is an inevitable choice for the development of the times


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In recent years, fires have been frequent in the world, causing great personal and economic losses. The wire and cable industry as an important supporting industry as the national economy, and the demand for flame -retardant cable detection equipment has also increased. However, at present, some procurement company can only understand the flame retardant cables in accordance with the meaning of it, they can't correctly learn the significance. Therefore, it is necessary to popularize the relevant knowledge of flame retardant cable products.

For example, the problem that must be solved first is that flame retardant wires and cables can prevent the fire from spreading? The flame retardant performance of the so-called flame retardant wire and cable refers to the length of combustion and self-extinguishing in accordance with the specifications of the wire and cable, the laying and installation method, and the length of the light fire in specified intensity. The wire and cable flame retardant test standard stipulates that after moving away the fire source, the wire and cable continues to burn a little distanceand then to be self-extinguished, and this is qualified. In the building, even if the flame-retardant wire is used, when the wire and cable are only burned by a few meters in the early stages of fire, and then it will be extinguished, the surrounding combustion is ignited.

For example, in luxury entertainment venues, almost all of the decoration materials are flammable and very huge amount. The halls, corridors and rooms are covered with combustible things. Moreover, in the fierce building fire, almost all organic building materials and items have been turned into ashes, and even the steel beams can be burnt off. Any flame retardant wire and cable can not help. Therefore, when finding the cause of the fire, in addition to the short -circuit situation mentioned earlier, check whether many buildings are not used by flame -retardant wires and cables. The most secure way to prevent the spread of wires and cables is to use fire sensing and automatic water spraying device, or buried all the wires and cables in the wall or installed in the iron pipe.

Speaking of which, it should be understood that the frequent fire hazard has made the wire and cable industry ashamed for many years. In particular, there is almost a consensus in the society, that is, the losses of fire casualties of buildings originated from inferior wires and cables, and small and medium-sized wires and cable companies are producers of inferior wires and cable products. Therefore, small and medium -sized wires and cable companies have an irresistible responsibility for the fire of buildings, and should severely crack down on inferior manufacturing. What I said here is by no means cracking down on wire and cable products, but calling on the relevant departments to clarify the real cause of the building's electrical fire hazard, so as to effectively comprehensively fire prevention, not just staring at the wire and cable products and this industry.

Most cable fire accidents occur in production places such as power production systems, especially power plants and substations. This is because the cables are used large amount and covered in the corners. The tunnels or overhead densely layed up, and some cables are still in a harsh environment that is close to parallel or staggered by high -temperature objects. In the cable mezzanine room, the cable layout density is higher, and there are natural wind formed by the height difference between the cable. In particular, the oil-supply cable, its cable insulation is high-thermal flammable material, and the power cable is in a hot state when running.

Under these special conditions, no matter whether it is the arc caused by the cable itself, or the external environment occurs fire hazard, the cable will cause fire and quickly continue burning, causing catastrophic consequences. It can be said that all the major fire accidents occurred at the production site of the power plant and the substation, and the cable was on fire or expanded the fire accident through the cable extension. Therefore, the demand for flame-resistance cables is increasing, and the fire prevention of cables at the electricity production site is a very urgent and important safety work.

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