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What are the commonly used building material burning testing apparatus?


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The building material burning testing apparatus is to detect and determine the fire response performance of building materials or products (excluding floorings and products specified in EC Decision No. 2000/147/EC) in the single burning item (SBI), test methods for non-combustibility of building materials. For composite products, each component material that constitutes the product can be tested separately, and the test report indicates that the product has a paint, a decorative layer or a multi-layered product. It can also be evaluated according to other fire reaction test methods and under specified conditions to determine whether the building materials have flammability test methods and determine whether the building materials have flammability. Any material that has passed the combustion furnace test and can pass the flammability test of building materials can be classified as flame-retardant building materials. The measurement of static smoke production during burning can also be used for the measurement of static smoke production when other solid materials are burned. Determines the ease with which a material burns when exposed to flame in air. It is suitable for homogeneous solid materials, laminates, films and film materials, in a constant heat capacity oxygen bomb calorimeter, to determine the calorific value of combustion of building mate. Including the total calorific value and net calorific value of burning, and the test equipment for the hazard classification of smoke and smoke for stable smoke production. There are also GB standards that use mice as a test to determine the smoke toxicity hazard classification of the smoke produced by the material. The ISO standard uses a gas analyzer to determine the smoke toxicity hazard classification of the smoke produced by the material. A gas analyzer is optional.

All fire and flame retardant materials are subjected to smoke production, mass loss rate, oxygen consumption analysis, CO, CO2 and heat release rate, etc., and the materials are tested for flame retardant and burning performance under various preset conditions. It can also be imported into mathematical models as data for correlation analysis to predict combustion behavior. It is widely used in third-party quality inspection agencies, wire and cable factories, various laboratory analysis materials and various application ranges for testing the heat release properties of materials. Its main building material testing machines are:

1. ZY6017D non-combustibility testing apparatus for building materials

2. ZY6017F building material flammability testing apparatus

3. ZY6017E building material incombustibility testing apparatus

4. ZY6242 single burning item machine for building materials or products

5. ZY6166A smoke density chamber of building material decomposition

6. ZY6155A Digital-readout Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

7. ZY6234 Combustion calorific value measuring device for building materials and products

8. ZY6224 material smoke toxicity hazard classification testing Instrument

9. ZY6243 Cone Calorimeter

10. ZY6256 building material surface combustion performance testing machine

11. ZY6296 fireproof sealing material combustion performance testing furnace

12. ZY6241 Fire retardant paint (Chamber method) test apparatus

13. ZY6240 Fire retardant paint (Tunnel method) test apparatus

14. ZY6239  Fire retardant paint (Large plate method) test apparatus

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