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Cone Calorimeter

cone calorimeter comply with current domestic and foreign test standards such as ISO 5660-1:2002 and ASTM E1354.

Horizontally & Vertically Burning Test Apparatus For Plastic

Comply with HB horizontal burning test of UL 94-2012; ASTM D635; V-0 V-1 V-2 vertical burning test of UL 94-2012; ASTM D3801; IEC 60695-11-10 standard requirements.It is mainly used to measure the combustion performance of plastic or plastic parts and non-metallic materials under the condition of 50W flame, burning horizontally or vertically and to determine the plastic combustion level.

Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Test Apparatus

Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Test Apparatus Comply with the test standard of EN ISO9239-1:2002,ASTM E648-2014,This test method is applicable to all kinds of floorings.

Single Burning Item Fire Testing Equipment

The design of this instrument meets the requirements of ISO 5725-1(2):1994, EN 136011, EN 13238.Single Burning Item Fire Testing Equipment is suitable for evaluating the fire performance of flat building products. 

Smoke Density Tester ASTM D2843

ISO 19700 Smoke density testers are used to determine the fire resistance and smoke-generating characteristics of materials such as plastics, rubber, textiles, and other materials.

Difficult-flammability Test Apparatus Of Building Materials

The Fire Resistance Tester Comply with DIN 4102 and GB/T 8625-2005 "Test method of difficult-flammability for building materials"This standard applies to the determination of the flame retardancy of building materials.

Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

Oxygen Index Test Apparatus Comply with JIS7201, BS2782, ANSI/ASTM, D2863, ISO4589-2:1996 test standards.suitable for homogeneous solid materials, laminates, foam materials, soft sheets and film materials with apparent density greater than 100kg/m³ 

Vertical Flame Propagation Test Apparatus for Single Wire & Cable

The Flame Propagation Test Apparatus Comply with IEC60332-1-1:2004 and IEC60332-1-2:2004 standard,It is suitable for measuring the non-continued burning after extinction of burner performance of single plastic wire, control, cross-linking, elevator, marine, mining cable, etc.

Cable & Wire Circuit Integrity Combustion Tester

The Combustion Tester Comply with the standard requirements of IEC60331,It is suitable for testing whether the wire or optical cable maintains the circuit integrity during the fire supply under the flame of at least 750℃ and 830℃.

Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Spread Test Apparatus

Flame Spread Testing Machine is suitable for judging and evaluating the ability of vertically bundled wires and cables or optical cables to inhibit the vertical spread of flames under specified conditions.Compliant with IEC 60332 standards.

3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Tester

Smoke Density Chamber is used to measure the density of smoke released when cables and optical cables are burned under specific conditions.Compliance with IEC 61034.

Electrical fire arc test apparatus

Electrical fire arc test machine Simulate the ignition process caused by electric circuit arc and the cause of fire formation.

Electrical fire fault simulation and trace preparation test apparatus

Electrical fire arc test machine Simulate the ignition process caused by electric circuit arc and the cause of fire formation.

Driving Performance Test Apparatus For Cart Fire Extinguisher

Comply with ISO 11601:2017,It is suitable for the driving performance test of the trolley fire extinguisher.

High Temperature High Humidity Test Equipment FOr Combustible Gas Detectors

Suitable for industrial and commercial use flammable gas detectors, home combatant gas detectors, industrial and commercial use portable combustible gas detectors, household and small catering kitchen gas alarm and sensor, household gas alarm, the functional tests of the sensor, and functional tests at high, low temperature, damp heat environment;




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