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Cone Calorimeter

cone calorimeter comply with current domestic and foreign test standards such as ISO 5660-1:2002 and ASTM E1354.

Wear Resistance Testing Machine For Fire Hose

This Abrasion Resistance Test Machine It is suitable for wear resistance test of lined fire hose, fire wet hose, etc.;

Drop Shock Test Machine For Fire Coupling

It is suitable for fire coupling drop test.Install the sample on the test bench so that the distance from the lowest point of the sample to the base is (1.5±0.05)m. After the sample is stationary, let it fall freely on the base. Check the sample for damage.

Drop Test Machine For Fire Spray Gun

It is suitable for spray gun drop test. Hang the spray gun on the test stand, drop it from a height of 1.5m, and impact it on a 10cm-thick reinforced concrete board. After the test, the spray gun should be free of cracking and deformation and can be used normally.

Wind Tunnel Test Rig

Wind Tunnel Test Rig is a suction type direct current wind tunnel. The air volume is adjusted by the damper at the outlet of the fan, and the air is sucked in from the suction port, and then passes through the inlet section, rectification section, contraction section, rectangular test section, variable diameter section, circular test section, measurement section, expansion section, fan and so on.

Burn Through Test Apparatus For Thermal Acoustic Insulation Material

Burn-Through Test Apparatus Compliant standards:US Federal Aviation Regulations FAR25,suitable for evaluating the burn-through resistance of thermal and acoustic insulation materials under high-intensity open flames.

Vertical Flame Propagation Test Apparatus for Single Wire & Cable

The Flame Propagation Test Apparatus Comply with IEC60332-1-1:2004 and IEC60332-1-2:2004 standard,It is suitable for measuring the non-continued burning after extinction of burner performance of single plastic wire, control, cross-linking, elevator, marine, mining cable, etc.

Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Test Apparatus

Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Test Apparatus Comply with the test standard of EN ISO9239-1:2002,ASTM E648-2014,This test method is applicable to all kinds of floorings.

Fire Retardant Paint Testing Machine(small chamber method)

Fire Retardant Paint Testing Machine(small chamber method) is suitable for testing the fire-retardant performance of fire-resistant paints painted on the surface of combustible substrates under laboratory conditions.

Flammability Testing Machine For Wires & Cables

This Flammability Testing Machine For Wires & Cables equipment is controlled by computer, and its surface is sprayed with plastic, which is more clean and beautiful.

Oil Resistance Testing Machine For Cables

Oil Resistance Testing Machine is suitable for the oil resistance test of plastic with paint cables and insulation. Comply with UL, VDE, CSA, JIS and other standards.

Fire Hose Aging Testing Machine

It is suitable for hot air aging tests for fire hose. Compliance with JB/T7444-1994 "Air Heating Test Box" standard.

High Temperature High Humidity Test Equipment FOr Combustible Gas Detectors

Suitable for industrial and commercial use flammable gas detectors, home combatant gas detectors, industrial and commercial use portable combustible gas detectors, household and small catering kitchen gas alarm and sensor, household gas alarm, the functional tests of the sensor, and functional tests at high, low temperature, damp heat environment;

Water Spray Impact Test Apparatus

When the building partition is subjected to the fire resistance test according to the fire resistance test method specified in ISO 834-1, the water spray impact test shall be additionally carried out as required.

Safety Nets Flame Retardant Tester

Safety Nets Flame Retardant Tester is suitable for the determination of the combustion performance of various Fabrics Burning Test when the vertical bottom edge is ignited.




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