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Lateral Spread Of Flame Test Apparatus

Comply with ISO 5658-2 standards,It is suitable for testing the surface characteristics of flat single materials, composite materials or components used on exposed surfaces of buildings and transportation vehicles (such as ships, trains, etc.), and tubular products through special installation and fixing.

Burn Through Test Apparatus For Thermal Acoustic Insulation Material

Burn-Through Test Apparatus Compliant standards:US Federal Aviation Regulations FAR25,suitable for evaluating the burn-through resistance of thermal and acoustic insulation materials under high-intensity open flames.

Smoke Density Chamber

This Smoke Density Chamber Compliant with BS EN ISO 5659, ASTM E662 standards,It is suitable for the determination of specific optical density of smoke produced by solid materials or assemblies in flameless mode or flame mode.

Combustion Testing Machine For Non-Metallic Materials Of Aviation

It is suitable for the combustion performance test of non-metallic materials in the aircraft cabin,Comply with the standard requirements of FAR25.853.

Electric Wire and Optical Cable Heat Release Tester

Heat Release Tester Apparatus is suitable for the combustion performance test of cables and optical cables used in construction projects.Comply with EU standard EN 50575 and EN 50399.

ISO 1716 Combustion Test Apparatus Of Building Materials

This Combustion Tester Equipment Comply with ISO 1716-2002 standards,The test of determination of the heat of combustion of building products at constant volume in a bomb calorimeter including gross heat and net heat of combustion.

Toxicity Index Tester Equipment

Comply with EN 50305,EN 45545,DIN 14521 standards,It is suitable for non-metallic material toxicity index test of halogen-free, low-smoke, and low-toxicity wires, cables or optical cables.

Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Tester

Comply with the test standard of ISO 9239 and ASTM E648,This test method is applicable to all kinds of flooring materials,Such as: textile carpet, soft wooden board, wood board, rubber board and plastic floor and floor spraying material. 

Bundled Cable Vertical Flame Spread Test Apparatus

Compliant with IEC 60332 standards,It is suitable for judging and evaluating the ability of vertically bundled wires and cables or optical cables to inhibit the vertical spread of flames under specified conditions.

Fire Resistance Test Apparatus Of Rigid Thermoplastic Materials

This Fire Resistance Test Machine Equipment Complies with UIC 564-2 standards,It is suitable for the test of fire resistance of rigid thermoplastic materials and flooring cloth (rubber, PVC, linoleum, etc.).

Large Burning Cabinet

This Combustion Test Equipment Comply with the DIN 54837-2007、DIN 50050-2-1988、DIN 5510-2009、DIN 14521-1987 standards,It is suitable for the combustion performance test of small parts and composite parts of railway vehicle materials, such as sealing strips, hoses, wall materials and other locomotive materials.

Waterproof Test Machine Equipment

Comply with IEC60529:2013 "Enclosure Protection Level (IPX7)" standard requirements;It is suitable for the protection classification of electrical equipment whose rated voltage does not exceed 72.5kv and which is protected by a enclosure.

Fire Resistance Test Equipment For Mattress & Sofa

The Fire Resistance Test Equipment Comply with the standard requirements of ISO 8191.1:1988 and BS 5852-2006.use to Upholstered Furniture—Assessment of the resistance to ignition of mattress and sofa. 




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