DIN 14521

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Combustible Gas Detector High and Low Temperature Damp Heat Test Chamber

Suitable for industrial and commercial use point type combustible gas detectors, household combustible gas detectors, industrial and commercial portable combustible gas detectors, household and small catering kitchen gas alarms and sensors, household gas alarms and sensors. functional tests in high and low temperature, humid and hot environments;

Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus

This Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus Comply with DIN 14521-1987 standards,It is suitable for water pressure sealing test and strength test of sprinkler test.

Hydraulic Performance Testing Apparatus for Fire Coupling and Water Gun

It is suitable for fire coupling, fire water gun sealing performance and water pressure strength test.

Material Smoke Toxicity Test Equipment

This Material Smoke Toxicity Hazard Classification Tester Comply with DIN 14521-1987、ISO19700-2006 standards,It is suitable for the test equipment for the grading of smoke toxicity hazard for materials that produce smoke stably.

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus with BS EN 50305,EN 45545,DIN 14521 standards, It is suitable for non-metallic material toxicity index test of halogen-free, low-smoke, and low-toxicity wires, cables or optical cables.

Fire Extinguisher Impact Testing Apparatus

This Impact Testing Machine Comply with DIN 14521-1987、NF S61-820-1/IN12010、NF S61-820-2/IN12010 standards, It applies to the requirements of impact test for fire extinguishers of different capacities.

Fire Resistance Testing Apparatus For Grooved Couplings And Fittings

Fire resistance testing apparatus for grooved fittings in automatic sprinkler systems. It is widely used in the production inspection and development research of various fire hoses in production factories, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutions and other units, and other similar product related tests.

Fire Hose Reel Sealing & Pressure Testing equipment

This Testing equipment Comply with DIN 14521-1987 standards ,it is suitable for the sealing performance, pressure resistance performance, outer diameter expansion rate and axial elongation rate test of fire hose reels of water, dry powder and foam fire extinguishing agents.

Heat Release Rate Test Apparatus

Comply with ISO 9705,ISO 5660,DIN 14521 standards,It is suitable for buildings and large complexes (including rolling stock, vehicles, warehouses and the way they are constructed) as well as for extensive fire performance test verification of raw materials, buildings and solid models.

Heat Radiation Flame Propagation Test Machine

 It is suitable for evaluating the performance of rail train materials such as single or composite rigid materials, materials with adhesive coating, and flexible materials with a thickness greater than 5 mm.

Toxicity Index Tester Equipment

Comply with EN 50305,EN 45545,DIN 14521 standards,It is suitable for non-metallic material toxicity index test of halogen-free, low-smoke, and low-toxicity wires, cables or optical cables.

Large Burning Cabinet

This Combustion Test Equipment Comply with the DIN 54837-2007、DIN 50050-2-1988、DIN 5510-2009、DIN 14521-1987 standards,It is suitable for the combustion performance test of small parts and composite parts of railway vehicle materials, such as sealing strips, hoses, wall materials and other locomotive materials.

Waterproof Test Machine Equipment

Comply with IEC60529:2013 "Enclosure Protection Level (IPX7)" standard requirements;It is suitable for the protection classification of electrical equipment whose rated voltage does not exceed 72.5kv and which is protected by a enclosure.




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