Impact Testing Machine

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Drop Shock Test Machine For Fire Coupling

It is suitable for fire coupling drop test.Install the sample on the test bench so that the distance from the lowest point of the sample to the base is (1.5±0.05)m. After the sample is stationary, let it fall freely on the base. Check the sample for damage.

Impact Testing Equipment Of Mining Cables

This Impact Testing Machine is suitable for mechanical shock resistance test of flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purpose below 6KV.

Drop Test Apparatus For Combustible Gas Detectors

It is suitable for the drop test of the flammable gas detector.The mass is ≥2kg, the drop height is 1000mm; the mass is greater than 2kg and not greater than 5kg, and the drop height is 500mm; 

Impact Test Apparatus For Soft Plastic Brittle Temperature

This impact test machine equipment is designed according to the standards of ISO 812, ISO 974.The brittle temperature and low temperature performance of different rubber materials or different formulas can be measured.

Water Spray Impact Test Apparatus

When the building partition is subjected to the fire resistance test according to the fire resistance test method specified in ISO 834-1, the water spray impact test shall be additionally carried out as required.

Fire Extinguisher Impact Testing Apparatus

This Impact Testing Machine Comply with DIN 14521-1987、NF S61-820-1/IN12010、NF S61-820-2/IN12010 standards, It applies to the requirements of impact test for fire extinguishers of different capacities.

UL Impact Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine Comply with Section 1400 of UL1581-2016 and Section 7.13.2 of UL2556-2015 and Figure 16.Applicable to the verification of the impact resistance of insulation and/or covering wires and cables when struck by a free-falling weight.

Drop Test Machine For fire nozzle

It is suitable for spray gun drop test. Hang the spray gun on the test stand, drop it from a height of 1.5m, and impact it on a 10cm-thick reinforced concrete board. After the test, the spray gun should be free of cracking and deformation and can be used normally.




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