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Textile & Fiber Testing Equipment: due to its own structural characteristics, textiles are the main materials that cause fires. Therefore, the relevant technical regulations and standards are tested for their flame retardancy. It can be divided according to grades: Grade 1 for general flammability, Grade 2 for moderate flammability, and Grade 3 for rapid and violent burning.
45 Degree Flammability Tester

The Flammability Tester suitable for testing the flammability performance of various fabrics and their products by igniting the surface in a 45° direction, and for grading the burning performance.

Safety Nets Flame Retardant Tester

Safety Nets Flame Retardant Tester is suitable for the determination of the combustion performance of various Fabrics Burning Test when the vertical bottom edge is ignited.

Flammability of Blankets Tester

Meet the requirements of the ASTM D4151-2010,It is used to test the flame retardant properties of bed blanket fabrics and the flame spread properties on the surface of the fabrics. 

Flame Retardant Test Apparatus For Curtain

Flame Retardant Test Apparatus is used to test the flame retardant properties of hanging fabrics such as curtains. NFPA 701:2004 Test Method "Standard methods of fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and films".

Fire Resistance Test Equipment For Mattress & Sofa

The Fire Resistance Test Equipment Comply with the standard requirements of ISO 8191.1:1988 and BS 5852-2006.use to Upholstered Furniture—Assessment of the resistance to ignition of mattress and sofa. 

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