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Smoke Detector Testing Equipment
  • Smoke Detector Testing Equipment
  • Smoke Detector Testing Equipment
Smoke Detector Testing Equipment
Smoke Detector Testing Equipment

Smoke Detector Testing Equipment

It is an independent smoke alarm fire detection, a dot-type fireworks detector, and is suitable for various functional detection of alarm device installed in civil buildings. 

Product Number:ZY6486
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Smoke Detector Testing Equipment

1. Scope of application:

1.1 It is an independent smoke alarm fire detection, a dot-type fireworks detector, and is suitable for various functional detection of alarm device installed in civil buildings (according to the principle of scattered or transmitted light (optical principle) and ionization ionization principle (ion smoke) work).

1.2 Testing items:

1.2.1 Response threshold value tests

1.2.2 Function test

1.2.3 Battery failure alarm test

1.2.4 Polarity Reverse Test

1.2.5 Pass power test

1.2.6 Repeatability test;

1.2.7 Position test;

1.2.8 Consistency test;

1.2.9 Power parameter fluctuation test;

1.2.10 Airflow test;

1.2.11 Environmental light test;

1.2.12 High temperature test

2. Compliance with standards

2.1 Compliance with GB4715-2005 "Smoke detectors—Point-type detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization":

Section 4.2 "Repeatability Test";

Section 4.3 "Activity Test";

Section 4.4 "Consistency Test";

Section 4.5 "Variation in supply parameters test";

Section 4.6 "Airflow Test";

Section 4.7 "Environmental Light Test";

Section 4.8 "High temperature test".

2.2 Compliance with GB20517-2006 "Fire detection and alarm systems—Smoke alarms":

Section 5.2 "Response threshold value tests ";

Section 5.3 "Function Test";

Section 5.4 "Battery Fault Alarm Test";

Section 5.5 "Polar Reverse Test";

Section 5.9 "Power Test";

Section 5.10 "Repeatability test";

Section 5.11 "Activity Test";

Section 5.12 "Consisity Test";

Section 5.13 "Voltage fluctuation test";

Section 5.14 "Airflow Test";

Section 5.15 "High temperature test";

Section 5.16 "Environmental Light Test".

3. Main technical characteristics:

3.1 Ring-shaped box: modular design, with sensor reserved holes, reserved production plug-in interfaces, and upgraded expansion space;

3.2 Control section: The development of LABVIEW software for the development of the US NI company's special precision instrument is developed. The interface is clear and simple, and can automatically identify the parameter of the alarm, ventilation, records, automatic angle rotation, wind speed switching, etc.;

3.3 Optical density meter: reflex, earthquake design, automatic correction of automatic zero, automatic correction of smoke and dust pollution measurement bias;

3.4 Test smoke: Use liquid paraffin gas solids. The particle size is evenly distributed, the smoke production is stable, and the particle size accounts for more than 90%of the number of smoke particles. Automatic smoke-rising, the host is closed to control the rate of smoke and automatically removes the remaining smoke in the pipeline;

3.5 Circular air, mixing smoke, heating plug-in: Six cyclic fans, the fan is controlled by PWM, two layers of smokes, thyristor control heating rods;

3.6 Electric hanging disc: Use servo motor control to automatically control the orientation corner of the smoke alarm to install the hanging plate, and set a rotary board;

3.7 Smoke-exhausting air replacement part: controlled by large flow fans, and the check valve is provided by the computer program to perform control;

3.8 Intake system: adopt a multi-layer filter to ensure the cleanliness of the inlet in the smoke box;

4. Main technical parameters:

4.1 Instrument composition: consisting of ring-shaped box, smoke production device, test area, smoke concentration measurement, airflow adjustment part, measurement part;

4.2 Test box:

4.2.1 Composition: consisting of the test area, electric hanging plate, smoke exhaust gas, air intake part, and measurement part;

4.2.2 Structure: It is a closed-loop and sealed box structure. The box is three layers, the middle is asbestos, and the shell is high-temperature static paint.

4.2.3 Specification: The test area is 425mm*425mm*1100mm;

4.2.4 The speed of air flow: 0.8 m/s ± 0.1 m/s;

4.3 Smoking device:

4.3.1 Test smoke: Use liquid paraffin gas solids generator;

4.3.2 Particle size: 0.2um ~ 1.0um, accounting for more than 90% of the number of smoke particles;

4.3.3 The reproducibility and stability of the particle size distribution are good;

4.3.4 Test the rising rate of smoke injected into the smoke case: Optical detector (M value): 0.015dbm-1min-1≤Δm/Δt≤0.1dbm-1 min-1;

4.3.5 The amount of smoke and the stability of the smoke: to monitor the stability of the ratio of M and Y to ensure the stability of the test smoke;

4.3.6 Smoking control method: liter smoke mode: Gradually increase the concentration of smoke at the preset rate of smoke, and to correct the rate of smoke lift in a closed -loop in the process; Constant Smoke Mode: After the smoke is promoted, the concentration value of the smoke concentration to the preset is constant concentration.

4.4 Response threshold measurement:

4.4.1 Measurement method: There is a optical method measurement;

4.4.2 Optical method measurement response threshold: Working principle: Use the light sensation coefficient m value (the unit is DB/m) to indicate the tightness of the detector's alarm time, measure the photoelectric detector, the light sensor M value (unit DB/m), and the calculation formula is m M = (10/d) lg (p0/p); Optical measurement length: ≥1m; transmitter: the wavelength of the beam is 800nm ~ 950nm; Response time (T90): ≤3s; Measurement range: The sensitivity coefficient m is (0.002 ~ 2) DB/m; Measurement error: (m*5%± 0.02) DB/m; Resolution: 0.001db/m; Before the measurement of each measurement, the reading of the instrument is compared with the readings (zero) in the clean air, and the measurement error ≤0.02db/m; Light source: It is an import high brightness LED light source; receiver: adopt Japanese Silicon Silicon Optical Tube.


4.5.1 Tobacco box working temperature: normal temperature ~ 70 ° C;

4.5.2 temperature increase rate:<1>

4.5.3 Heating power: 1.5kW;

4.5.3 The temperature uniformity: the deviation of each area on the cross section of the test area ≤0.2 ℃;

4.5.4 One -click start, automatic recognition of the police, automatically completing the angle rotation, cold -state threshold test, heating, insulation, high temperature threshold test, recording, angle reset. View temperature curve, smoke concentration curve, and smoke rate curve;

4.6 Flash device:

4.6.1 Structure: It is a hexaineal cube box, and the inner side of the 4 non -drinking noodles has a smooth aluminum foil;

4.6.2 fluorescent lamp: The power of each fluorescent lamp is 30 W, the color temperature is 3200 k^-4200K, and the diameter is about 380 mm. Fixed to the inside of the 4 closed surfaces respectively;

4.6.3. The detector is installed on the center of the top surface of the positive hexainet, so that the light can be shot from the top and the two sides to the detector;

4.6.4 Tube: First use 100 h first, and then use 2000h to be scrapped;

4.6.5 Dimensions: 380*380*380mm.

4.7 Control part:

4.7.1 consist of two parts: touch screen and computer control section;

4.7.2 Test curve: smoke concentration curve, ascending smoke curve;

4.7.3 Data access and record: The test data is automatically stored, each maximum of 10,000, which can form an Excel statement;

4.7.4 Data collection: consisting of collecting cards, temperature modules, AD modules;

4.8 Overall structure:

4.8.1 Chassis material: the main high -quality steel plate, via high temperature and static electric paint;

4.8.2 Overall shape size: long*width*height is 2600mm*820mm*1640mm;

4.8.3 Box internal materials: USU304#stainless steel, 10mm heating cotton in the middle;

4.8.4 Fixed method: The equipment comes with a foot wheel (with a brake), the cigarette case can be adjusted overall (150mm)

4.8.5 Power: AC380V three -phase and five -line system, total power 10kW.

4.9 Use environment:

4.9.1 Applicable ambient temperature: 13 ℃ ~ 35 ℃;

4.9.2 Applicable relative humidity: 55%± 20%

4.9.3 The ground should be flat and strong;

4.9.4 Ventilation and ventilation;

4.9.5 Anti -vibration, light -proof photo environment;






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