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Wire and Cable Testing Equipment

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Wire and Cable Testing Equipment can test the combustion performance of wire and cable. The burning characteristics of wires and optical cables can be divided into three types. One is flame-retardant cable, the other is fire-resistant cable, and the third is mineral insulated cable. Among them, flame-retardant cables can be divided into ordinary flame-retardant cables, low-smoke low-halogen flame-retardant cables and low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cables according to their performance. A fire-resistant cable is a kind of cable that can still maintain the ability to carry electricity for a certain period of time under the high temperature of the flame. Mineral insulated cable, referred to as MI cable, is an inorganic material cable and a fire-resistant cable, and its performance is better than that of ordinary fire-resistant cables.
Ventilation Aging Test Chamber

The Aging Test Chamber Comply with UL 1581sect420.9, JIS7212, VDE standards.It is suitable for the change characteristics of electric wires, plastics, and rubbers before and after heating. 

Tensile Test Machine For Wire & Cable Low Temperature

The Tensile Test Apparatus Comply with IEC60811-1-4:1985 and other test standards. It is suitable for testing the tensile properties of wire and cable, rubber, plastic and other insulating sheaths in low temperature environment.

Mineral Insulated Cable Flattening Test Equipment

The Mineral Insulated Cable Flattening Test Equipment Comply with IEC60702-1: 2002 test standard. Applicable to mineral insulation flattening test of copper core copper or copper alloy sheath with diameter less than 25mm rated voltage 500V and 750V.

Flattening Test Machine For Mineral Insulated Cable

It is suitable for the maximum flattening force of 2 tons, the diameter is less than 10mm, and the rated voltage is 500V and 750V copper core copper or copper alloy sheathed mineral insulation flattening test.Comply with IEC 60702-1:2002 test standard.

Load Broken Core Test Apparatus

Comply with IEC60227-1:2007, IEC60227-2:2003 test standard.It is suitable for the load breaking test of various copper-clad soft wires. Take a flexible cord sample of appropriate length, install one end on a rigid support, and hang a heavy hammer of 0.5kg from the sample at a distance of 0.5m below the support point. When the conductor passes。

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus Comply with the standard requirements of IEC 60702-1:2002, IEC 60684-2:2011, BS 6387:2013, and BS 8491:2008.It is suitable for bending performance test of copper core copper or copper alloy sheathed mineral insulated general wiring cables with rated voltage of 500V and 750V.

Optical Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine

Optical Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine is suitable for determining the ability of optical cables to withstand repeated bending. The test equipment can make the sample bear the tensile load and at the same time bend 90° to the left and right sides of the plumb line. 

Fully Automatic Salt Spray Tester

Salt spray corrosion test apparatus is aimed at the surface treatment of various materials. It contains hardware electroplating, hardware, electronic parts, chemical coatings, baking paint, cars, motorcycles, hardware cleaning tools, screws, springs...

Vertical Flame Propagation Test Apparatus for Single Wire & Cable

The Flame Propagation Test Apparatus Comply with IEC60332-1-1:2004 and IEC60332-1-2:2004 standard,It is suitable for measuring the non-continued burning after extinction of burner performance of single plastic wire, control, cross-linking, elevator, marine, mining cable, etc.

Oil Resistance Testing Machine For Cables

Oil Resistance Testing Machine is suitable for the oil resistance test of plastic with paint cables and insulation. Comply with UL, VDE, CSA, JIS and other standards.

Thermal Stability Test Apparatus

Thermal Stability Test Apparatus Comply with IEC 60811-3-2: 1985 test standard requirements.It is applicable to the insulation and sheath test of polyvinyl chloride compound for wire and cable.

UL 758 Wire Extrusion Test Apparatus

This Extrusion Test Apparatus Comply with UL758-2016,Suitable for 20AWG~14AWG insulated wire anti-extrusion test.

Wire Heating Deformation Testing Machine

The Testing Machine Comply with UL758 standards,This equipment is used to test the degree of thermal deformation of materials such as plastics and wire rubber.

Four Station Flexible Cable Drag Chain Bending Test Machine

this machine is a four -site design of the front and rear,Suitable for high-flexible cables such as TUV, VDE, UL, repeated U-shaped bending fatigue tests, and need to be curved in high-speed exercise.

UL Impact Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine Comply with Section 1400 of UL1581-2016 and Section 7.13.2 of UL2556-2015 and Figure 16.Applicable to the verification of the impact resistance of insulation and/or covering wires and cables when struck by a free-falling weight.

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