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Oil Tank Test Apparatus For High Temperature and Constant Temperature

This Testing Equipment is suitable for the oil resistance test of plastic with paint cables and insulation. Immerse the test parts in the test oil of the prescribed temperature, take out the sample after a certain period of time, measure its stretch residual value, and check the quality of its coating film.

Hot air aging test apparatus of fire hose

 It is suitable for hot air aging tests for fire hose.

Combustible Gas Detector Test Equipment

Suitable for industrial and commercial use flammable gas detectors test, home combatant gas detectors test, industrial and commercial use portable combustible gas detectors, household and small catering kitchen gas alarm and sensor, household gas alarm, the functional tests of the sensor, and functional tests at high, low temperature, damp heat environment

Comprehensive Test Apparatus for Hydraulic Strength of Fire Extinguisher

It is suitable for hydraulic test and blasting test of portable water-based fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, Hydraulic Strength of Fire Extinguisher Test, and clean gas fire extinguishers;

Water Spray Impact Test Apparatus

When the building partition is subjected to the fire resistance test according to the fire resistance test method specified in ISO 834-1, the water spray impact test shall be additionally carried out as required.

Test Apparatus For Flame-retardant Performance of Safety Net

It is suitable for the determination of the combustion performance of various Fabrics Burning Test when the vertical bottom edge is ignited.

Fully Automatic Intelligent (touch screen) Salt Spray Test Apparatus

Salt spray corrosion test apparatus is aimed at the surface treatment of various materials. It contains hardware electroplating, hardware, electronic parts, chemical coatings, baking paint, cars, motorcycles, hardware cleaning tools, screws, springs...

Drop Test Apparatus for Combustible Gas Detectors

It is suitable for the drop test of flammable gas detector. Put the sample on the test table and let it fall freely on the base. Each sample is repeatedly tested twice. Check whether the sample is damaged.

Plastic Impact Brittleness Temperature Test Apparatus

The equipment is composed of a refrigeration compressor main body, a heating device, an electronic control box, a cooling tank, a cooling medium circulation system, and an automatic alarm device...

Detector and Controller Crash Test Apparatus

It is suitable for the collision performance test of combustible gas alarm controller and special fire detector.

Fire Helmet Electricity Insulation Test Apparatus

It is suitable for the electrical insulation performance test of fire helmets.

Image Type Fire Detector Test Equipment

Suitable for the response time and positioning accuracy of the image fire detector on the specified test fire

Standard  Box of Fire Alarm Heat Detector

Scope of application: (suitable for most detectors, the maximum temperature of the test is 120 degrees, if the maximum test temperature is needed to be 180 degrees, please buy another product of our company)

Anti-radiation Heating Permeability Test Apparatus

It is suitable for thermal radiation for fabrics, testing the inner surface temperature rise and changing, and evaluating the protection performance of the fabric to the radiation heat.




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