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Impact Resistance Tester For Fire Hose Reel

It is suitable for impact resistance test of fire hose reel.Impact hammer: 25kg;Load hammer: 80kg;

Fire Hose Reel Anti-Load Testing Apparatus

Load performance test of fire hose reel: fasten the fire hose reel on the impact test frame, the hose reel is in a horizontal position, and use a thin wire rope to hang a weight of 80kg on the wheel of the outer disk wheel. On the edge, after 72 hours of static, do the impact test again to see if it meets the test requirements.

Sprinklers Flow Coefficient Measuring Apparatus

Applicable to sprinkler flow coefficient measurement.This equipment only provides sprinkler test device with nominal flow coefficient less than or equal to 115 as standard;

Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus

This Sprinkler System Hydraulic Strength Testing Apparatus Comply with DIN 14521-1987 standards,It is suitable for water pressure sealing test and strength test of sprinkler test.

Heat Release Rate Test Apparatus

Cone Calorimeter Comply with ISO 9705,ISO 5660 standards,It is suitable for buildings and large complexes (including rolling stock, vehicles, warehouses and the way they are constructed) as well as for extensive fire performance test verification of raw materials, buildings and solid models.

NBS Smoke Density Chamber

This NBS Smoke Density Chamber Compliant with BS EN ISO5659-2:2006,ASTM E 662:2006,ISO5659-2:2012 standards,It is suitable for the determination of specific optical density of smoke produced by solid materials or assemblies in flameless mode or flame mode.

Fire Emergency Lighting & Evacuation Indication System Testing Apparatus

It is suitable for fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems installed in general industrial and civil buildings, as well as system lights with special performance installed in other environments.

Wear Resistance Testing Machine For Fire Hose

This Abrasion Resistance Test Machine It is suitable for wear resistance test of lined fire hose, fire wet hose, etc.;

Material Smoke Toxicity Test Equipment

This Material Smoke Toxicity Hazard Classification Tester Comply with DIN 14521-1987、ISO19700-2006 standards,It is suitable for the test equipment for the grading of smoke toxicity hazard for materials that produce smoke stably.

Flame Propagation Apparatus(FPA)

 Flame Propagation Apparatus (FPA) measures the combustion characteristics of materials. The main measurement parameters are ignition time (Tign), mass loss rate (m), chemical (Qchem) heat release rate, convective (Qc) heat release rate, effective heat of combustion (EHC), and smoke generation rate. 

Fire Testing Laboratories

Fire testing laboratories are specialized facilities dedicated to evaluating the performance of building materials and products under fire conditions. These laboratories conduct various fire tests, including flame spread, combustion rates, smoke generation, and material fire resistance assessments. Their goal is to ensure that building materials and products can provide necessary protection and safety in the event of a fire, reducing the potential impact on individuals and properties.

Extruded oversheaths abrasion test apparatus

Extruded oversheaths abrasion test apparatus" refers to a testing device used to assess the abrasion resistance of extruded oversheaths, which are protective coverings typically applied to cables or wires. This apparatus is designed to evaluate how well these oversheaths withstand wear and tear

Fire Hose Hot Air Aging Test Apparatus

It is suitable for hot air aging tests for fire hose.Compliance with JB/T7444-1994 "Air Heating Test Box" standard.

Tensile Testing Machine Equipment

It can perform tests on national or international standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. It can test the physical properties of various materials, finished products and semi-finished products, and can choose various fixtures for tensile, compressive, tensile, compressive, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesion, shearing and other tests




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