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Smoke Detector Testing Equipment

It is an independent smoke alarm fire detection, a dot-type fireworks detector, and is suitable for various functional detection of alarm device installed in civil buildings. 

Fire Hose Hydraulic Pressure Comprehensive Testing Machine

This Hydraulic Pressure Comprehensive Testing Machine is suitable for fire hose test with hose specifications of 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200. 

Combustible Gas Detector High and Low Temperature Damp Heat Test Chamber

Suitable for industrial and commercial use point type combustible gas detectors, household combustible gas detectors, industrial and commercial portable combustible gas detectors, household and small catering kitchen gas alarms and sensors, household gas alarms and sensors. functional tests in high and low temperature, humid and hot environments;

Drop Shock Test Machine For Fire Coupling

It is suitable for fire coupling drop test.Install the sample on the test bench so that the distance from the lowest point of the sample to the base is (1.5±0.05)m. After the sample is stationary, let it fall freely on the base. Check the sample for damage.

Fire Nozzles And Fire Hose Dynamic Pressure Jet Testing Apparatus

It is suitable for fire-fighting soft reel and fire-fighting water gun spray test.This equipment only includes fire hose reel jet test, fire water gun jet test and flow test;

Wind Tunnel Test Rig

Wind Tunnel Test Rig is a suction type direct current wind tunnel. The air volume is adjusted by the damper at the outlet of the fan, and the air is sucked in from the suction port, and then passes through the inlet section, rectification section, contraction section, rectangular test section, variable diameter section, circular test section, measurement section, expansion section, fan and so on.

EN 13823 Single Burning Item (SBI) Test Apparatus

(SBI) Test Apparatus Complies with EN 13823:2002 Reaction to fire tests for building products—Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item.

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus

Toxicity Index (CIT) Test Apparatus with BS EN 50305,EN 45545,DIN 14521 standards, It is suitable for non-metallic material toxicity index test of halogen-free, low-smoke, and low-toxicity wires, cables or optical cables.

Fourier smoke toxicity analysis system

It is suitable for the toxicity analysis of any combustion product, and can be used in conjunction with smoke-producing toxicity tester, NBS smoke density tester, hammer calorimeter, toxicity test chamber (tubular distillation method) and other instruments

Hydraulic Pressure Test Machine For Sprinkler System

This Hydraulic Pressure Test Machine For Fire Extinguisher is suitable for water pressure sealing and strength test of sprinkler.

Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Apparatus

Compliant with ISO 2592 standards It is suitable for the determination of flash and fire points of petroleum products by the Cleveland open cup method. Flash point and fire point are used to evaluate the flammability and combustibility of substances.

Pensky-Martin Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

This Automatic Pensky Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Comply with ISO 2719-2016 and ASTM D93-2018 standards,It is suitable for determining the flash point of flammable liquids, liquids with suspended particles, liquids whose surface tends to form a film under test conditions, and other liquids by the Pensky-Martin closed cup method. 

Impact Testing Equipment Of Mining Cables

This Impact Testing Machine is suitable for mechanical shock resistance test of flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purpose below 6KV.

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus Comply with the standard requirements of IEC 60702-1:2002, IEC 60684-2:2011, BS 6387:2013, and BS 8491:2008.It is suitable for bending performance test of copper core copper or copper alloy sheathed mineral insulated general wiring cables with rated voltage of 500V and 750V.

Optical Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine

Optical Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine is suitable for determining the ability of optical cables to withstand repeated bending. The test equipment can make the sample bear the tensile load and at the same time bend 90° to the left and right sides of the plumb line. 




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