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Fourier smoke toxicity analysis system
  • Fourier smoke toxicity analysis system
Fourier smoke toxicity analysis system

Fourier smoke toxicity analysis system

Product Number:ZY6282B-FTIR
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1. Scope of application:

1.1 It is suitable for the toxicity analysis of any combustion product, and can be used in conjunction with smoke-producing toxicity tester, NBS smoke density tester, hammer calorimeter, toxicity test chamber (tubular distillation method) and other instruments.

1.2 Using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), it can analyze carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), formaldehyde (HCHO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen chloride (HCl), nitrogen oxides ( NO+NO2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), acrylonitrile (CH2CHCN), phosgene, carbonyl chloride (COCL2), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen bromide (HBr), (benzene) phenol, carbolic acid (C6H5OH), etc. more than 50 elements.

1.3 The analysis instrument adopts the CX4000 multi-component Fourier transform infrared spectrometer produced by Gasmet Company of Finland, and the online flue gas online monitoring system is applied in the field of continuous online monitoring. The system provides a versatile and high-performance package for all industrial users.

1.4 Fields of application: In-depth fields such as rail transit, aerospace, construction products and materials, and aircraft carriers. This system uses high-end precision FTIR analysis instruments and other components carefully developed by our company. It has powerful functions, advanced technology, high quality and excellent design. It is the preferred smoke analysis system for major testing units, scientific research institutions and military units.


2. Applicable standards:

2.1 Applicable to DIN German Standards Institute: DIN 5510-2;

2.2 Applicable to ISO International Organization for Standardization: ISO 19702:2015, ISO 5659-2, ISO19700;

2.3 Applicable to EN European standard: CSN EN 45545-2+A1: 2015;

2.4 Applicable to IMO International Maritime Organization: IMO FTPC Part 2;

2.5 Applicable to American material standards: ASTM E1678, ASTM E 622;

2.6 Applicable to American fire protection standards: NFPA269: 2017;

2.7 Applicable to the French rail vehicle fire protection standard NF F 16-101/NF X 70-100;

2.8 Applicable to British Naval Engineering Standard: NES 713:2006;

2.9 Applicable to the Chinese national military standard ship standard: GJB1916

2.10 Applicable to Chinese national standards: GB8323.2-2008, GB/T10671-2008, GB/T20285-2006,

Toxicity analysis of combustion products from the above tests

3. Main features:

3.1 Industrial multi-component gas analyzers suitable for continuous monitoring;

3.2 Instrument composition: It consists of a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, a temperature-controlled sample pool and a signal processing system;

3.3 The analyzer is fixed installation, providing versatility and high performance for all industrial users;

3.4 Designed for monitoring (CEM) of continuously discharged pollutants, it can directly measure the concentration of pollutants in wet and corrosive gas mixtures, it is an ideal tracking analysis tool;

3.5 The sample cell can be heated to 180°C;

3.6 The application program can be selected according to the distance of the measured object;

3.7 It can continuously test data for a long time, can continuously record and store on-site flounder spectrogram and real-time data, and can also play back historical data;

3.8 The sampling unit does not need to dilute and dehydrate the sample gas, and all parts are heated to 180°C;

3.9 Users can easily configure analysis for a new set of compounds, allowing simple calibration using individual component calibration gases.

4. Main parameters:

4.1 Basic parameters:

4.1.1 Measuring principle: FTIR (Fourier transform infrared);

4.1.2 Performance: more than 50 kinds of gas compounds can be measured simultaneously;

4.1.3 Working temperature: 5 - 30°C, no condensation, air conditioning is recommended;

4.1.4 Storage temperature: -20 - 60°C, no condensation;

4.1.5 Power supply: 100-115 or 230 V / 50-60hz

4.1.6 Power: maximum 300W;

4.1.7 Response time T90: < 120 s, depending on gas flow rate and detection time;

4.1.8 Gas analysis unit temperature: 50-180°C;

4.1.9 Sample gas: non-condensing, dust-free gas;

4.1.10 Gas flow rate: ~4 l/min;

4.1.11 Sample gas pressure: atmospheric pressure.

(Please consult us for more complete parameters.)

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