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UL 910 Steiner Horizontal Tunnel Furnace

This Steiner Horizontal Tunnel Furnace is suitable for CMP grade wire and cable and optical cable air duct test.Comply with UL758 standards.

Fire Hose Hydraulic Pressure Comprehensive Testing Machine

This Hydraulic Pressure Comprehensive Testing Machine is suitable for fire hose test with hose specifications of 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200. 

Fire Water Gun And Hose Dynamic Pressure Jet Testing Apparatus

It is suitable for fire-fighting soft reel and fire-fighting water gun spray test.This equipment only includes fire hose reel jet test, fire water gun jet test and flow test;

Wind Tunnel Test Rig

Wind Tunnel Test Rig is a suction type direct current wind tunnel. The air volume is adjusted by the damper at the outlet of the fan, and the air is sucked in from the suction port, and then passes through the inlet section, rectification section, contraction section, rectangular test section, variable diameter section, circular test section, measurement section, expansion section, fan and so on.

Horizontally & Vertically Burning Test Apparatus For Plastic

Comply with HB horizontal burning test of UL 94-2012; ASTM D635; V-0 V-1 V-2 vertical burning test of UL 94-2012; ASTM D3801; IEC 60695-11-10 standard requirements.It is mainly used to measure the combustion performance of plastic or plastic parts and non-metallic materials under the condition of 50W flame, burning horizontally or vertically and to determine the plastic combustion level.

Hydraulic Pressure Test Machine For Sprinkler System

This Hydraulic Pressure Test Machine For Fire Extinguisher is suitable for water pressure sealing and strength test of sprinkler.

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus

Mineral Insulated Cable Bending Test Apparatus Comply with the standard requirements of IEC 60702-1:2002, IEC 60684-2:2011, BS 6387:2013, and BS 8491:2008.It is suitable for bending performance test of copper core copper or copper alloy sheathed mineral insulated general wiring cables with rated voltage of 500V and 750V.

Difficult-flammability Test Apparatus Of Building Materials

The Fire Resistance Tester Comply with DIN 4102 and GB/T 8625-2005 "Test method of difficult-flammability for building materials"This standard applies to the determination of the flame retardancy of building materials.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine For Fire Coupling & Fire Water Gun

It is suitable for fire coupling, fire water gun sealing performance and water pressure strength test.

Oil Resistance Testing Machine For Cables

Oil Resistance Testing Machine is suitable for the oil resistance test of plastic with paint cables and insulation. Comply with UL, VDE, CSA, JIS and other standards.

Four Station Flexible Cable Drag Chain Bending Test Machine

this machine is a four -site design of the front and rear,Suitable for high-flexible cables such as TUV, VDE, UL, repeated U-shaped bending fatigue tests, and need to be curved in high-speed exercise.

Fire Resistance Test Furnace Of Fireproof Coating For Steel Structure

The Fire Resistance Test Furnace suitable for the test of thermal insulation performance deviation and thermal insulation performance attenuation of steel structure fire retardant coatings.

Tracking Index Apparatus For High Voltage Leakage

This Tracking Test Equipment Compliant with IEC60587:2007 standards,suitable for evaluating tests using electrical insulating materials under severe environmental conditions by measuring resistance to tracking and corrosion with liquid contaminants and sloped specimens.




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