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Test method for burning performance of indoor floorings materials


Astm E648, Iso9239, Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus For Measuring Flame Spread, Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Fire Tester,Building Materials Testing Equipment .Common indoor flooring materials include tufted carpets, wooden floors, PVC coiled floors, anti-static floors, etc. Indoor flooring materials are used in building interior decoration, and the burning performance of indoor flooring materials is one of the fire hazards and an important factor in the spread of fire. Therefore, it is a very important fire protection index to use the radiant heat flux test device for floorings materials to evaluate the burning performance of indoor floorings materials. What is the test method for the burning performance of indoor floorings materials?


During the burning performance test of indoor floorings materials, in the test burning chamber, a small flame is used to ignite floorings materials placed horizontally and exposed to an inclined heat radiation field to evaluate its flame propagation ability. Before the test, install the simulated sample of calcium silicate board with length mm, width mm, thickness 20mm, density kg/m³ without coating layer according to the figure, and open 9 mm round holes in the simulated sample according to the range of 110mm ~ 910mm in Figure 2. Then, when the exhaust fan is turned on and the door of the test piece is closed, the gas flow rate in the pipe of the box is adjusted to ms. After igniting the radiant panel, turn off the igniter and let the radiant heating panel heat for at least 1h until the temperature of the test chamber stabilizes. Use a thermal radiation flux meter to measure the radiation flux at 410mm within the range of kW/m², you can measure the radiation flux values of 9 openings between 110mm and 910mm, and draw the standard critical radiation flux curve.


In the combustion performance test of indoor flooring materials, 6 test pieces of 1050mm and 230mm were prepared, with 3 vertical and horizontal grids. Firstly, conduct a test in the vertical and horizontal directions, measure the maximum flame propagation distance within 30 minutes, and obtain the critical radiant flux CHF or CHF-30. Take the direction in which the critical radiant flux CHF or CHF-30 is lower and repeat the test twice, and take the average value of the critical radiant flux CHF or CHF-30 of the three tests in this direction as the result. During the indoor floor covering material combustion performance test, the light attenuation value is measured by the optical measurement system of the floor covering material burning device, and the smoke production of the sample is calculated.


The radiant heat flux test device for flooring materials is used for the test. The calibrated radiant flux values of each opening are shown in our technical parameter table, which meets the requirements of ISO 9239-1.

 Flooring Radiant Heat Flux Fire Tester

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