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Small knowledge of fire extinguisher testing equipment: the use of fire equipment and the identification of true and false


Fire-fighting equipment is a must-have in high-rise buildings. Although it is often overlooked, when a fire occurs, its fire-fighting and fire-proof functions are fully reflected. So, what are the main uses of fire fighting equipment? What methods can be used to distinguish the authenticity of fire fighting equipment? Today, let's take a look at the fire extinguisher Testing Equipment of Zonsky Instrument.

Zonsky Instrument Fire Extinguisher Filling Equipment wants to tell everyone that fire fighting equipment in fire engineering design refers to the equipment used for fire extinguishing, fire prevention and fire accidents. Its scope of use is very wide, and its specific main uses are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Fire hydrant box

When there is a fire alarm, according to the opening method of the door, press the spring lock on the door, and the pin will automatically withdraw. Connect the hose interface with the fire hydrant interface, press the fire hydrant alarm button in the box, and unscrew the indoor fire hydrant handwheel in the opening direction, and then the water can be sprayed to extinguish the fire.

2. Fire hose

The fire water gun is a water jet tool for fire extinguishing. When it is connected with a hose, it will spray dense and substantial water flow. It has the advantages of long range and large water volume. It consists of main components such as the pipe tooth interface, the gun body and the nozzle. The DC switch water gun is composed of a DC water gun with a ball valve switch and other components to control the water flow through the switch.

3. Hose buckle

Hose connection buckle: used for connection between hoses, fire trucks, fire hydrants, and water guns, so as to transport water and foam mixture for fire extinguishing. It consists of a body, a sealing ring seat, a rubber sealing ring, a retaining ring and other parts. There is a groove on the sealing ring seat for tying the water belt. It has the characteristics of good sealing, fast and labor-saving connection, and not easy to fall off.

Pipe tooth interface: installed at the water inlet end of the water gun, and the internal thread fixed interface is installed at the water outlet of fire hydrants and fire pumps. They are all composed of a body and a sealing ring, one end is a pipe thread, and the other end is an internal buckle. They are both used to attach hoses.

4. Fire hose

The fire hose is a hose used for water delivery at the fire scene. According to the material, the fire hose can be divided into two types: lined fire hose and unlined fire hose. The unlined hose has low pressure, high resistance, easy to leak, mildew, and short life, and is suitable for laying in fire places in buildings. The lining hose can withstand high pressure, wear resistance, mildew resistance, not easy to leak, low resistance, durable, can also be bent and folded at will, moved at will, easy to use, suitable for laying on external fire sites.

What Zonsky Instrument fire extinguisher filling equipment wants to tell you is that the authenticity of fire-fighting equipment can be distinguished in this way:

appearance recognition method

The appearance marks of counterfeit and shoddy products are often blurred and rough, with incomplete content and not durable. For example, the trademark casting on the valve body of the counterfeit fire hydrant is unclear, there is no specification and model mark on the interface, and the fire hose is not marked with the word "fire protection", which is deliberately confused. The surface and packaging of regular fire protection products should have clear and durable marks, including product marks and quality inspection marks (certificate of conformity). The product logo shall include the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product model (specification), main technical coefficients, product trademark, production date and product number, and the implementation standard code. Quality inspection marks should include inspectors and qualified marks.

In addition, if the physical surface of fire protection products uses non-combustible materials or difficult-to-combustible materials according to the standard requirements, but uses flammable or flammable materials, it can also be used as a basis for judging that it is a counterfeit and shoddy product, such as fire emergency lamps. The surface of the fire hydrant box should use flammable materials or non-combustible materials as required, but use plexiglass and other combustible materials.

The above situation will not occur with the fire hose inspection equipment produced by Zonsky Instruments. We have a list of fire hose Testing Equipment, including fire hose wear test instrument, fire hose extension torsion test apparatus, fire hose low temperature performance test machine, fire hose physical and mechanical performance tester, fire hose bending test equipment, fire hose water pressure comprehensive test machine and so on.

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