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Which testing apparatus is most frequently used in the testing equipment of fire fighting instrument?


Fire electrical inspection and building fire protection facility inspection are important means of fire safety inspection. It is far from enough to use primitive methods such as seeing, touching, and sniffing to conduct fire safety inspections on electrical circuits and fire-fighting equipment. Advanced equipment and modern inspection techniques must be used to complete. At present, electrical fire detection generally uses infrared temperature measurement technology, infrared thermal imaging technology, ultrasonic detection technology, harmonic analysis technology, combined with professional electrical measurement technology to complete. In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of electrical fires and ensure the safety of citizens and social property, the fire protection policy of "prevention first, prevention and elimination combined" is followed. In view of the basic characteristics of electrical fires, effective fire electrical inspections should be carried out. According to modern physical phenomena such as thermal radiation, acoustic emission, and electromagnetic emission during the operation of electrical facilities, the quantitative monitoring of electrical facilities is carried out by using advanced instruments and equipment combined with traditional inspection methods. It can detect electrical devices by infrared, laser, ultrasonic, carrier wave and other means under the condition of "non-power-off" and "non-contact". And through computer processing, many factors such as internal and external operating status of electrical devices, spark discharge, insulation aging, leakage, poor contact, gas leakage and many other factors directly cause serious hidden dangers of electrical fires. Thus more comprehensively, scientifically and accurately reflect the existence, degree of danger and exact location of electrical fire hazards. And put forward corresponding rectification measures in time, so as to eliminate hidden dangers and avoid the occurrence of electrical fire accidents. Fire detection equipment is an important aspect of fire detection. Unqualified fire detection equipment can easily lead to unqualified fire detection results, and missed or wrong detection of fire detection. Therefore, advanced fire detection equipment and modern fire detection technology must be used.


Products that are frequently used in fire detection instruments include: infrared thermometers, infrared thermal imaging cameras, ultrasonic detectors and other fire detection instruments. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are more expensive fire detection equipment among fire detection instruments. The launch of IRI2010 and IRI4010 thermal imaging cameras has greatly reduced the cost of fire detection equipment, and the prices of IRI2010 and IRI4010 thermal imaging cameras are currently the cheapest among thermal imaging cameras used for fire detection. Other fire detection instruments and equipment used in the fire detection process include: VC1, VC15B, fire electrical detection box, VC15C building electrical fire detection box, infrared thermometer, IRI2010, IRI4010, IRI4030, IRI4040 infrared thermal imager (infrared thermal TV ), UT100K, UP500S, UP2000S ultrasonic detectors. And commonly used ones include: leakage current tester, low ohm meter, voltage ammeter, insulation resistance meter, grounding resistance meter, power harmonic analyzer, leakage switch tester, combustible gas concentration tester, power socket tester, line tracing instruments, electrostatic voltmeters and other electrical measuring instruments.

The instruments and equipment needed in the inspection of building fire protection facilities include: VC12 building fire protection facility inspection box, temperature detector test device (smoke tester), smoke detector test device (heating tester,), fire mode generation device (fire detector tester), four-in-one multifunctional fire detector test device, water sprinkler system water test detection device (spray end water test joint), fire hydrant system water test detection device (hydrant head water pressure gauge, fire hydrant pressure measuring connector), digital stopwatch, AC voltage regulator, voltage regulator, clamp ammeter, digital multimeter, digital illuminance meter, digital anemometer, digital micromanometer, digital sound level meter, digital temperature and humidity meter, portable ultrasonic liquid position meter, portable flow meter, digital megohm meter, multifunctional engineering slope measuring instrument, inclinometer, verticality measuring instrument, distance meter, combined measuring tools (meter ruler, tape measure, caliper, feeler gauge), combustible gas detector test device, fire extinguisher group (simulated gas) angle measuring instrument, flame detector test device, optical filter, fireproof coating thickness gauge, haloalkane leakage meter, walkie-talkie, DN50/DN65 test bolt head, dynamometer, common electrical tools, instrument carrying case etc.

A complete set of fire detection instrument boxes: building fire facility testing box, fire electrical testing box, fire engineering testing box, fire detector function testing box, fire alarm system function testing box, automatic sprinkler system, fire hydrant system function testing box, anti-drainage smoke system function inspection box, fire investigation instrument box, fire scene investigation toolbox, fire cause investigation equipment box, electrical performance inspection box, fire supervision inspection box, fire engineering acceptance box, fire supervision technical equipment box, fire supervision equipment packing box, fire-fighting inspection auxiliary equipment box, fire-fighting electrical performance inspection box, fire-fighting supervision and inspection acceptance box, fire-fighting supervision technical equipment products, fire-fighting product on-site inspection box, fire-fighting product on-site inspection and judgment box, fire door demolition toolbox, fire-resistant coating inspection box, routine new product inspection box, professional measuring instrument box, subway fire inspection box, fire inspection instrument box, police station fire supervision equipment, airport, oil field, military facility, railway subway, port terminal, school fire inspection equipment, intelligent building and security engineering inspection instrument.

Fire supervision technical equipment products, a full range of products, complete in variety, reasonable in classification, flexible and diverse in configuration options, can meet different levels of equipment requirements.

Main purposes: Professional fire safety inspection/fire supervision and inspection/fire cause investigation and analysis/enterprise fire hidden danger self-inspection/public transportation subway fire inspection/insurance industry risk assessment/inspection inspection and maintenance management of power user fire prevention and control, etc.

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