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Flattening Test Machine For Mineral Insulated Cable

It is suitable for the maximum flattening force of 2 tons, the diameter is less than 10mm, and the rated voltage is 500V and 750V copper core copper or copper alloy sheathed mineral insulation flattening test.Comply with IEC 60702-1:2002 test standard.

Load Broken Core Test Apparatus

Comply with IEC60227-1:2007, IEC60227-2:2003 test standard.It is suitable for the load breaking test of various copper-clad soft wires. Take a flexible cord sample of appropriate length, install one end on a rigid support, and hang a heavy hammer of 0.5kg from the sample at a distance of 0.5m below the support point. When the conductor passes。

Detector and Controller Crash Test Equipment

This Crash Test Equipment Comply with IEC 61779: 2003,It is suitable for the collision performance test of combustible gas alarm controller and special fire detector.

Thermal Stability Test Apparatus

Thermal Stability Test Apparatus Comply with IEC 60811-3-2: 1985 test standard requirements.It is applicable to the insulation and sheath test of polyvinyl chloride compound for wire and cable.




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